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Welcome to Cereal Wealth Farm!

Our long history of farming is part of our heritage. We are proud of our roots and traditions, which are at the heart of our farm.

History, Heritage: Our farm has a rich history that spans generations. We pay special attention to the transfer of experience and knowledge about agriculture from ancestors to future generations.

Quality, Nutrition: We take pride in the quality of our grains. Our farm always puts product quality first. We pay attention to soil and plant care to ensure the nutrition and flavor of our products.

Modern Approaches

Despite our traditions, we are also open to modern methods and innovations. We are constantly researching new growing methods using modern technology to improve the efficiency and quality of our products.

Environmental Consciousness: We are committed to managing our farm with respect for the environment. We practice practices that minimize our impact on nature and strive to preserve biodiversity.

Love for the Earth: In our farm there is a real love for the land and grain crops. We take care of every aspect of production, from seed selection to harvesting.

We are proud to continue our tradition and invite you to our farm, where you can enjoy the results of our many years of experience and passion for grain crops.

Beans are a crop grown by Cereal Wealth Farm

Beans are a grain crop that provides richness and variety in the culinary world. At the farm, we grow a variety of beans to suit the different tastes and needs of our customers. Here are a few key aspects of our beans:

Variety of Varieties: We offer a wide variety of beans, including black, red, white and many more. Each variety has its own flavor and texture, making them unique to different dishes.

Protein, Nutrients: Beans are an excellent source of plant-based protein, fiber and other nutrients. It is an important component of a healthy diet and can be used in a variety of recipes.

Versatility: Beans are a versatile food that can be used in a variety of dishes. It can be a main ingredient in soups, salads, burgers, chili and other dishes.

Health, Nutrition: Beans are known for their many health benefits, including lowering cholesterol, supporting heart health, and improving digestion.

Sustainable Growing: We pay special attention to environmental sustainability when growing beans. We use methods that minimize environmental impact and ensure product safety.

Lentils from Cereal Wealth Farm

Lentils are a grain crop that is widely known for its nutritional properties and unique taste. We grow a variety of lentils on our farm, giving you the opportunity to enjoy their rich flavor and valuable nutrients.

What makes our lentils special:

Rich in Protein: Lentils contain significant amounts of protein, making them an excellent source of plant-based protein for vegetarians and vegans.

Rich in Fiber: This grain is rich in fiber, which promotes digestive health and helps maintain normal blood sugar levels.

Ideal for a variety of dishes: Lentils are a versatile food and can be used in soups, porridge, salads, burgers and many other dishes.

Quick Cook: Lentils don't need to be soaked ahead of time and cook relatively quickly, making them a great choice for quick, nutritious meals.

Variety of Varieties: On our farm you will find a variety of lentil varieties including red, green, brown and black, each with their own flavor and texture.

We take pride in the quality of our lentils and are committed to providing you with a product that is perfect for your culinary needs. Our growing methods are environmentally sustainable, making our lentils natural and safe for your health. Enjoy the taste and benefits of lentils by ordering them from us.

Environmental Sustainability Cereal Wealth Farm

We place special emphasis on environmental sustainability. Our growing methods are designed to minimize environmental impact. We use modern technologies and care about the conservation of natural resources.

We believe that environmental sustainability is not just a buzzword, but a commitment to future generations. We are proud that our growing methods help preserve the environment and provide our customers with high quality grain products.


Organic Farming:

We eliminate the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, preferring organic methods of fertilization and pest control. This helps preserve soil biodiversity.

Efficient Use of Resources:

We optimize the use of water and energy on our farm. Drip irrigation systems and energy-efficient technologies help us reduce resource consumption and impact on the ecosystem.

Support Biodiversity:

We create conditions to support biodiversity on our farm. This includes creating natural areas and habitats for native plant and animal species.

Conservation of Natural Resources:

We care about the conservation of natural resources such as soil and water sources. Our growing methods help maintain soil fertility and prevent erosion.


Delivery of our grain crops:

We provide convenient and reliable delivery services for our cereals to provide you with fresh, quality products. Here are some features of our delivery:

Fast Delivery: We strive to minimize the time between harvesting our crops and delivering them to you. This guarantees the freshness and quality of our beans.

Wide Range of Shipping Methods: We offer a variety of shipping methods including truck, rail, and even ocean shipping for international orders. Select the option that suits you.

Individual approach: Our team takes into account your preferences and delivery requirements. We are ready to discuss the optimal solution with you.

Accuracy and Reliability: We guarantee accuracy and reliability in the delivery of our products. Your orders will be delivered on time and in perfect condition.

International Delivery: We provide international delivery for our grain crops. Please contact us for out-of-country shipping conditions.

We are ready to cooperate with you and provide you with high-quality grain crops. Contact us to clarify delivery details and place an order.



I'm impressed by the quality of the lentils. The lentils I ordered exceeded all my expectations. Thank you for the fresh and delicious products! Now I am your permanent partner!


I'm in love with your black beans! It is very tasty and nutritious. Delivery is always fast and the item arrives in excellent condition. Thank you very much!


The environmental sustainability of the farm is what attracted me. I make sure that I buy products that are grown with care for nature. I recommend to all!

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